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Hotel in Manhattan, NYC



550,000 SF
Hotel rooms
Steel Framing
Construction system
BIM Revit modeling
Documentation SD, DD & CD  
20 months


Given the scale of this project, our greatest challenge was in terms of internal coordination, with the client and their consultants. We had tight delivery timelines, so we needed well-defined strategies to address the constant design changes: clear and organized tasks, individuals responsible for each sector, units studied to identify commonalities and save view documentation, etc. Introducing the BIM methodology was essential to optimize these timelines and make use of all the tools that facilitated our work.

Our added value

  • Introduction of the client to the BIM methodology.
  • Agility in responding to frequent design changes.
  • Utilization of cloud and Bim 360 to facilitate coordination among disciplines, allowing for quick detection of changes, notifying the client, and taking the necessary measures to address coordination issues, clashes, relocation of elements, etc.



“Due to the wide range of typologies within the project, we developed a strategy using model groups that improved coordination between team members and consultants."

Emanuel Vilosio
BIM Coordinator at Blend

“Our experience with Blend team has been great! Their commitment and professionalism along the years have made them the perfect support for our production team.”

Margarita Velez-Mantovani
Associate Project Manager at Wimberly Interiors


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