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Hospital in Venice, FL



164,000 SF
Type IA 
Concrete, Steel Frame
Construction system 
BIM Revit modeling
Documentation of CD

4 months

Hospital in Venice, FL

As for the BIM model, the challenge was focused on developing a paneling system that adequately met the construction requirements of the selected ventilated facade for the project. Additionally, due to the change in facade materiality, it was necessary to review the details and representation in the BIM model to ensure they were faithful to the latest design proposal. Despite tight deadlines, the project was successfully completed.

Our added value

  • Efficient adaptation: Our team excelled in its ability to adapt the existing BIM model to the new materiality of the facades, minimizing document loss and speeding up project timelines.
  • Technical Challenge Resolution: We successfully tackled significant technical challenges, such as developing a paneling system for the ventilated facade and resolving intersection situations both vertically and horizontally. This demonstrated our ability to address complex design and construction issues.
  • Client Requirement Compliance: Despite tight deadlines, our team managed to adequately meet the client's requirements in terms of both time and quality, reflecting a high level of commitment and professionalism in project execution.



“The greatest challenge we faced was adjusting the existing model while trying to minimize document loss, in order to streamline timelines and focus on adapting existing details to the new required materials.”

Paula Farace
BIM Coordinator at Blend

“Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the project. The amount of design energy that went into this really can't be conveyed by any drawing set."

Ben de Rubertis
Principal at Flad


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