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Casino in Port Angeles, WA



Port Angeles, WA
10,400 SF (Expansion)
Type V-B
Wood Framing
Construction system

BIM Revit modeling
Documentation SD, DD & CD

6 months


Casino in Port Angeles, WA

Keeping up with our client’s daily demands required constant communication with both the client and among our team members in order to make progress quickly while maintaining accuracy, detail, and quality in our work. As a team, we focused on prioritizing and organizing our tasks, effectively managing our time to stay in sync with the client and meet their expectations.

Our added value

  • Coordination with structural and facilities consultants, generating reports that were essential for resolving interferences.



“This project, despite being of a medium scale for the casino typology, was significant because it managed to instill in the client the trust and confidence necessary with our company to continue cooperating together on larger projects. I believe we efficiently met their requirement of being an active part in the process of interference detection and conflict resolution in the design and documentation realm.”

Esteban R. Brizuela
Project Leader at Blend


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