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Drive your projects to new heights

Our approach is based on applying all our experience to be your BIM Partner, saving you time, effort and money.

about us

Welcome to Blend

We are an organization founded  by four partners based in the US and Argentina, each one with more than 20 years of international experience in the AEC industry. Meet us in this video. 
why blend

Why Blend

Less effort. Less time. Focus on results.

Blending with a BIM Partner is the best approach to get better and more efficent results.

We provide a quality project delivery solution, done by AEC professionals with the know-how, experience and expertise to assist in all of your project delivery requirements.

  • We are just a few hours from you
  • We share the same culture
  • We know the US AEC market 
  • We develop tailored solutions

our clients

We collaborate with top architecture firms

  • KTGY
  • WATG
  • DLR
  • FLAD
  • ZGF
  • SMA

What our clients are saying

"The Blend team demonstrated speed, efficiency, receptive, quick to resolve, and flexibility. I love recommending your team and service to my colleagues."

Amy Kong

Amy Kong
Principal | DLR Group


What our clients are saying

"Our experience with Blend team has been great! Their commitment and professionalism along the years have made them the perfect support for our production team."

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Margarita Velez-Mantovani
Associate Project Manager | Wimberly Interiors


What our clients are saying

"Blend was a key project delivery partner for our DD and CD documentation. With fluid communication between both Blend's and our production team, we finished our project on schedule and within budget, greatly improving our efficiency and results."

Rocky Shen

Rocky Shen
Principal | DNA


What our clients are saying

"We wanted to say big THANK YOU for your help with the project getting to this big milestone, 100% DD set. We really appreciate your efforts, excitement about this project and your always positive attitude. We very much enjoy working with you and looking forward to working together on the CD phase."

Ewa Opasinski

Ewa Opasinski
Principal | Urban Architecture Lab

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What our clients are saying

"The Blend team has made collaboration an outstanding experience. Everyone worked diligently and efficiently. Simply put, they have performed to the highest level."

Fernando Rivera

Fernando Rivera
Senior Designer | Associate | DLR Group

What our clients are saying

"Thank you all for your hard work and dedication to the project. The amount of design energy that went into this really can't be conveyed by any drawing set."

Ben de Rubertis

Ben de Rubertis
Principal | Flad


What our clients are saying

“One word that best describes the Blend team is AWESOME.”

Claudia Escala

Claudia Escala
President | Carrier Johnson + Culture


What our clients are saying

"Blend really did a magnificent job. Both the 3D model and all the blueprint documentation that they delivered us, will now allow us to project on something concrete and work on all the interventions that will be carried out from now on, in this beloved stadium for us."

Arq. Gastón Atelman

Arch. Gastón Atelman
AFT Arquitectos | Club Atlético Talleres

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