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Soccer stadium in Córdoba, ARG




195,440 SF
Scan to BIM  
Reinforced Concrete
Construction system 


To address the complexity of the project structure and the diversity of information obtained from the point cloud, we decided to segment the data into specific areas of the stadium, which required constant coordination and communication among the entire team.

Our added value

  • We introduce the club's infrastructure department to the BIM methodology and provide them with an accurate 3D model. 



My experience as a BIM architect on this project is a testimony to collaboration and commitment to excellence. I am eager to see the impact of this project on the enhancement and preservation of our local historical heritage.

Laura Peralta
Architect at Blend

"Our stadium lacked blueprint information, and we needed to have that foundation to work on new enhancement projects for this important building. Thanks to Blend's meticulous survey of the entire stadium's architecture, today we have the complete set of blueprints and a 3D model, which will allow us to work on everything that lies ahead for this iconic sector of the city."

Gabriel Da Silva
Engineer at Club Atlético Talleres


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