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Mixed use in San Diego, CA

Mixed Use


1,059,000 SF
Hotel rooms
Occupancy units
Condominium units
Affordable housing units
Type 1A Fully Sprinklered
Construction system
BIM Revit Modeling
Documentation of SD


Like any project of this scale in the early stages of development, we knew it would require a lot of coordination and constant communication with the design team. The particularity of this case was the programmatic variety that was needed, which made an arduous definition process expected. All our energy was fundamentally directed in this sense. On one hand, maintaining fluid communication with the team responsible for making design decisions; and on the other, with a BIM strategy that could absorb both the repetition of elements in the successive levels of the building, as well as the admission of multiple variations and exceptions, collaborating in real-time with multiple users.

Our added value

  • Effective communication with the design team.
  • Advanced BIM strategy for simplification and collaboration.
  • Focus on the building envelope to enhance efficiency.
  • Team’s decision-making experience.
  • Ability to overcome obstacles and meet defined deadlines.



“One of the great successes of this project was creating the building envelope in a separate model from the beginning, so that we could have an entire team dedicated to its development without interfering with the work being done inside. This is where the expertise of our team shone, as it was not a simple decision to make initially, but it was justified as the model became more complex.”

Nicolás Yuvero
BIM Coordinator at Blend


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